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Mukesh Advani has been lead counsel in dozens of appellate matters in his legal career in all appellate courts throughout California, including the Supreme Court of California and in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In addition to direct representation of clients, Mukesh has been frequently retained by trial counsel to assist with trial strategy, pre-trial during trial and post-trial motions, jury instructions, and motions in limine.

Mukesh also has been retained by other lawyers to file petitions for writ of mandate and prohibition in appellate courts. Mukesh has assisted other lawyers in their preparation to present oral arguments in appellate courts. 

Below is a partial list of Mukesh’s published decisions.  There are also many other published decisions that do not appear in this list since Mukesh was not counsel of record. 

  • Kraus v. Trinity Management Services, Inc. (2000) 23 Cal.4th 116

  • Hassan v. Mercy American River Hospital (2003) 31 Cal.4th 709

  • Jones v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. (1993) 26 Cal.App.4th 1717

  • Bresnahan v. Chrysler Corp. (1995) 32 Cal.App.4th 1559

  • Bresnahan v. Chrysler Corp. (1998) 65 Cal.App.3d 1149

  • Schultz v. Neovi Data Corp. (2007) 152 Cal.App.4th 86

  • LA Sound USA, Inc. v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. (2007) 156 Cal.App.4th 1259

  • Satyadi v. West Contra Costa Healthcare District (2014) 232 Cal.App.4th 1022

  • World Health and Edu. Foundation v. Carolina Cas. Ins. Co. (N.D. Cal (2009) 612 F.Supp.2d 1089

  • Finance Holding Company, LLC v. The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (2018) 29 Cal.App.5th 663



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